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Water Eater® - Industrial Wastewater Evaporators

The EMC Water Eater® wastewater evaporators have been engineered to efficiently evaporate the water content from most non-volatile water-based liquids. A power exhaust system releases the moisture safely into the air, leaving only a small residue requiring disposal. 

Waste Water Evaporator - Water EaterThis massive reduction in the volume of liquids requiring disposal not only slashes disposal costs, but also economizes by reducing storage area requirements, labor and time for handling, and frequency of disposals. All Water Eater® wastewater evaporators have been designed to operate simply and efficiently, and are constructed of quality materials and equipment to assure trouble-free operation and long-life service, as demonstrated by the thousands of systems in service.

Industrial Wastewater EvaporatorAvailable in gas or electric models, the Water Eater® industrial wastewater evaporator line has an evaporation capacity between 3 to 55 gallons per hour.

Additional information available on the EMC® Industrial Wastewater Evaporator Website.

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