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Water Evaporators, Parts Washers, and More.

Founded in 1982, E&K Sales is an Industrial Distributor of the EMC® Water Eater® Wastewater Evaporator, the Powerjet® Automatic Parts Washers, and Nederman Air Cleaning Systems. For more information, product specifications, and complete price schedules, please follow the links below.

Water Evaporator Pump Drum

EMC Water Eater® Wastewater Evaporators

Minimize and reduce disposal costs for water based wastestreams. Common applications include machining coolants, cleaning solutions, rinse waters, mop waters, finishing compounds, and many other industrial waste streams. Easy to install and to operate, reduced disposal costs often pay for the equipment within one year.
Automatic Parts Washer

EMC Powerjet®
Industrial Parts Washers

Aqueous cleaning equipment for industrial use. The EMC Powerjet® automates the messy and non productive task of cleaning oily and greasy parts. All Powerjet washers are insulated for low energy usage and come with many standard features to minimize maintenance & cleaning costs.
Automatic Small Parts Washer

EMC Jetsink®
Small Parts Washer

The Jetsink® is a small parts washer that is ideal for replacing solvent cleaning processes and manual scrubbing operations. Small footprint and low cost make it well suited for maintenance cleaning, cell manufacturing, and small screw machine parts.

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